Update 1.4
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Free Update for Jurassic World Evolution

Update 1.4 was the second free content update for Jurassic World Evolution, released on 13 September 2018. The primary new feature of the update is the new Challenge Mode, which allows players to progress through Isla Nublar with four levels of difficulty and new gameplay mechanics. Other additions include more options in the sandbox mode, alternate lighting options on the Muertes Archipelago, new contracts, first person viewing cameras, alterations to the sizes of the Ceratosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Giganotosaurus and Spinosaurus and other general fixes.

New ContentEdit

Challenge ModeEdit

The 1.4 Update adds a Challenge Mode to Jurassic World Evolution, which allows experienced users to build a park on Isla Nublar against a series of progressively more difficult challenges. The mode includes four difficulty levels, Easy, Medium, Hard and Jurassic, each with its own par time that players can strive to meet. Doing so unlocks various new achievements and content, including new cosmetics for dinosaurs.

Sandbox optionsEdit

The Sandbox mode on Isla Nublar has been improved with the addition of new variables that players are free to enable and disable, including unlimited feeders, dinosaur lifespans, limited cash, unlimited energy, Contracts, and the addition of various new difficulty settings.

Other additionsEdit

  • When players reach five stars on the islands of the Muertes Archipelago in the game's career mode, they unlock the ability to change the island's lighting, from default, to dawn, dusk and night.
  • Players can now use a first person camera in Viewing Galleries, Viewing Platforms, Hotels and monorails, offering a unique perspective of their parks.
  • New Contracts with each division of the Hammond Foundation, including working to improve guest coverage, increase dinosaur visibility and rating, and achieve higher levels of profit for your island.
  • The Ceratosaurus and Tyrannosaurus have been downsized, while the Giganotosaurus and Spinosaurus have increased in size, in response to player feedback.